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Geburtstag 12.02.1994
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHXgNn18z90 -> Begotten (1991)

I chose the blackest robe
Shadow, darkness before the light
I threw away the false life
artificial and worthless
I kept only the deep mysteries of Satan

Black metal baptism opened the gates
to darkness and gave me the powers
of sorcerers
The sign of black pentagram
burned deep in my heart...

Satan! come forth...
in this black metal night
Master! bless this art...
dedicated only for you

The new cult has risen
from the ruins of the failed
The true black metal spirit
has never died...

When night falls
she cloaks the world
in impenetrable darkness.
A chill rises
from the soil
and contaminates the air
life has new meaning.

....I dwell outside that which you call home
I dwell outside your time and space
I dwell in a reality far from your own
I dwell endlessly and without emotion in the void

But when the on the grave

a freezing rain falls from the black sky
when the cold winds sweep over my pale face
and the stillest water bring
then as fires no longer burn and as trees no longer grow
I will seek the way out of this world and sink into mine

I trust in all that is unhuman
I trust in all that doesn't live
I trust in mockery and a heavy heart
I trust in evil, darkness and death

Life is a journey of death
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