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SG Singapur
2007 - heute
Gegründet: 2007
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Grindcore
Myspace Seite: wormrotgrind
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Wormrot started out as a death-grind project formed by Arif (Ex-Flesh Disgorged vocals) on vocals and Acit (Septikaemia, Hellghast) on drums. They took in Halim (Arbitrary Element, Cardiac Necropsy) to fill in the bass. Arif met an old high school friend Rasyid who had just completed his national service (2007) by a chance meeting through a mutual friend and was invited to try out on the guitars. A couple of jamming sessions followed yet they couldn't find a comfortable stride. Arif and Rasyid decided to go on their own to form a grindcore band, retaining 'Wormrot' as their band name. Fitri was a friend of Arif in camp while they were serving their national service. He fitted the empty drum slot comfortably and secured himself in the first jamming session with an unforgetable incident involving the drumset, beer and vomit. In a few months, they recorded a 9-track demo (2007), but Fitri had personal issues to tend to so he pulled himself out from the band. Still writing and experimenting with drum machine programs, Wormrot remained a 2-man band for a few months until Arif introduced Ibrahim (Nympholepsy) who brought a death-metal play into the field. 'Dead' EP (2008) was recorded (line-up: Arif, Rasyid, Ib) and self-released in Singapore and Malaysia, and soon after in the US and Indonesia by Legion Productions and Speed Thrash Attack respectively. Months after recording and a handful of shows which includes support for War All The Time (UK) and Magrudergrind (US) and a gig with session drummer Fauz (Meth, Impiety), Ibrahim was let off to concentrate on his studies and his primary band. Arif and Rasyid frequented death-metallers Asilent's recording sessions and soon after, formed a goregrind project band Buto with Fiaz (bass), Emile (2nd vocals) and Fitri who made a sudden comeback. Buto released a demo and died as quickly as it formed due to everyone having plans of their own. Nevertheless, Fitri decided to take another chance at Wormrot (mid 2008). 5 tracks were recorded (line-up: Arif, Rasyid, Fitri) for a split with Diseptic (Gre) under Noise Attack Distro, toured Indonesia (end 2008), and eventually recorded ‘Abuse’ which was released in May 2009 under Scrotum Jus Records. Wormrot had a month long Europe tour in July 2009, playing shows in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic (including a show in Obscene Extreme Festival 2009) and Poland.