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SE Schweden
2000 - heute
Gegründet: 2000 in Skövde/Hjo/Västerås
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeEmoMelodicPunkRock
Label: 2000 - Jetzt
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.neverstore.com/
Myspace Seite: neverstore
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2000 was the year three amigos did the same thing that many bands do, rehearse and rehearse with a dream to reach out to the world with their music... These guys had something special and a couple of years later they’re ready to drop their third album, Age Of Hysteria - A great album, which the trio had the confidence and self-belief to produce themselves. By assuming production duties they’ve had full control over the sound of the album and consequently they have finally created the album that they always where longing for. You can recognize the sound from the two previous albums, Seven Hundred Days (2007) and Heroes Wanted (2008), an energetic force with wonderful melodies, and enough attitude to push you up against a wall and leave you speechless. This is simply a fantastic New School Punk album, and when we say fantastic we mean world class..... The album’s title Age Of Hysteria relates to the hysteria that the guys think we’re living in today, everything from flu warnings and religious fanaticism to the pressure of looking good. This hysteria is something the guys just don’t want to be a part of, preferring to keep their feet firmly on the ground. After spending a large part of the spring and summer in the studio, Neverstore are now anxious to hit the road and meet their audience, one which that has grown quickly over recent years. If you take a look at sites such as MySpace, Youtube, Lunarstorm and Playahead you will soon notice the impact Neverstore has had on a lot of music loving youths..... To compose a Curriculum Vita feels kind of unnecessary. But just to recap – this is a band that has already released two stunning albums, had hit singles such as “So Much Of Not Enough” and “Stay Forever”, played extraordinary shows on Sweden’s biggest festival stages, gigged with bands such as Good Charlotte, Billy Talent, Millencolin and Sum 41, toured in Japan and Germany and won the MTV Europe Music Awards for best Swedish act two years in a row.