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Gegründet: 2007 in Hamburg, Deutschland
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: PsychodelicIndustrialAtmospheric
Offizielle Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ManiFest/19877158927
Myspace Seite: manifestare
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It’s like a Conte about the Memories and Feelings of Beings, which remain in an In-between World. Some Subject Areas are “Mental Defects, Mania and Delusion, Humanized Animals, Dreams, Frustration, Weird Love and Bad Politics, Moldered Premises, Living Toys, Dementia and Depression, Culture, Self-Destruction, Psychological Pression, Morbid and Grief, Self-Discovery, Epidemic Plague, Dying Animals, Crabby Mankind and Ugly Newborns”. ManiFest is using own Investigations for its World of Sounds and calling it “The collapsing Distress of Obsession”. For example, one of your coverted Problems will get a deeper Meaning or Sense. It will have a Metamorphosis, not to be something New and fly away. Not so easy. Maybe it will be a Being like You or it will be a giant World, which will jacket you. It will grow and grow, and it will be darker and deeper. It will force you to talk face-to-face and you can not avoid it any longer. Some People call it a Pool of creepy Short Stories and some People describe it as something like a Diary about Doings and Tides. Listen to it and make your own Decision of ManiFest.