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IT Italien
1993 - 2001
Gegründet: 1993
Bandstatus: Aufgelöst
Genre: BlackFolkAtmospheric
Label: 1995 - 2001 Adipocere Records
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In the beginning of 1993, Giordano Bruno (The Prince of Agony) formed a black metal band, and he called it EVOL, intending with this term the Black Principle of Existence, in a dualistic vision of the Whole. Soon he was joined by Samael von Martin (The Lord of Sorrow) and Suspiria (The Princess of Disease). Their originality was immediately clear, mixing together metal music with evocative keyboard songs and female vocal parts. At the base of their creations there was always a deep thought, reflecting their Noble Souls. The Search for Truth, and the concrete critic against the present age troubled their works since the very beginning. In the first period, they dedicated themselves to the study of Darkness, and in particular of one of Its forms, known as Satanism. But soon, their horizons began to grow, as they realised that the answer to an universal question had to be found in an universal context. Furthermore, the decadence of the present age, ruled by the laws of ignorance and hypocrisy, started to affect also the satanic environment, and so they decided to address their sight to a higher sphere of Existence, where the true values of spontaneity, authenticity and virtue were still alive. Imagination, Fantasy, Art, these were the means they wanted to use in order to express the visions their contemplative essences had, while seeking Truth. In 1997 they were joined by two other souls: Demian de Saba (The Count of Insanity) and T-Rex (The Marquis of Rex Tenebrae). Their mission went on, marching on the path of Truth, without denying their past, and addressing their chants to the Noble Souls, both of Darkness and of Light. Everybody should be unite, in order to fight the Decadence, hoping for a New Age of Rebirth to come. EVOL now belongs to the Ancient Times, their works stand as monuments to the endless searching for Truth and Knowledge. “De Bello Gallico” represents their last tribute to Art and to all the great people who followed them during their adventure. Everything is doomed to perish, but the memory should guide us all, because the Heritage EVOL left is a fundamental path for every Noble Soul in its travel to Wisdom. Nobody is able to foresee the future, but under the ashes the flame is still alive and perhaps one day the Phoenix will fly again. Anger rises from the deep abyss of the soul. Pain is too strong. Solitude too cold. A new path of Nihilism stands in the horizon, closer and closer. The circle has to be closed, whatever the price. The rest is History…