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Midnight Odyssey

AU Australien
2007 - heute
Gegründet: 2007 in Brisbane Queensland, Australien
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: BlackAtmospheric
Myspace Seite: midnightodysseyband
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Midnight Odyssey was officially formed in early 2007. Dis Pater, the sole member of the project, began writing music for the then unnamed project as far back as 1999, and it wasn’t until 2003 when a possible name for this project was conceived. Through many years of writing and experimenting with different sounds, it was time to make the project official, and in 2007, some songs were recorded and posted on myspace under the band name, “Midnight Odyssey”. Though these recordings were never officially pressed (and more than likely, never will), the idea to have Midnight Odyssey as a boundless artistic concept was born. In 2008, the first album, “The Forest Mourners” was recorded with a home setup, and released as a self-funded Pro CD-r limited to 100 copies. Later in the year, it would officially be made available for a free download for a limited time. In 2009, the second album, “Firmament” was recorded. Like “The Forest Mourners”, it was made available as a free download for a limited time, as well as being pressed as a Pro CD-r limited to 100 copies. It was during this year that Kunsthauch Records approached Dis Pater to re-release “The Forest Mourners”. A new logo was created by Nachtzeit (Lustre, Starlit). Not too long after the release of the “Firmamant” demo, I, Voidhanger Records approached Dis Pater to re-release the second album as a proper cd. Early 2010 saw the re-release of “Firmament” through I, Voidhanger Records (IVR003). The re-release contained new artwork painted by Dis Pater, as well as for the first time, lyrics. Late in 2010, Kunsthauch Records re-released “The Forest Mourners” (Kunst 009) with remastered sound, lyrics and new artwork, again by Dis Pater. A limited edition of 13 cds included an A3 metallic sheen poster. That same year, Midnight Odyssey was approached by German depressive black metal band Wedard to contribute vocals to an e.p. entitled Eiskrieg II, released through Ewiges Eis Records in 2011. During January/February of 2011, Dis Pater began writing music for a new project, The Crevices Below. The album, entitled “Below The Crevices” was released through Nordvis in May of that year. Set in an underworld city, it documents the slow fall and deterioration of a subterranean monarch. In September, the double-album Funerals From The Astral Sphere finally saw a release. Featuring over 2 hours of music and a 16 page booklet featuring artwork by Dis Pater, the album represents a continuing of the Midnight Odyssey story. Released by I, Voidhanger Records again, a limited shirt was also made available . 2012 will start to see the beginning of new things. A new project and a new Midnight Odyssey split release (with Aeon Winds of Slovakia)…