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Phone Calls From Home

US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
2006 - heute
Gegründet: PCFH
Gegründet: 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts, Vereinigte Staaten
Bandstatus: Inaktiv
Genre: PowerPunkRock
Label: 2006 - Jetzt
Myspace Seite: phonecallsfromhome
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We are Phone Calls From Home. We play music with the intention of helping people. We have found that a lot of bands have hopes of being rich and famous, or hope that they can play their instrument as a career. We have higher hopes than that. We want to use any fame or success we get to influence people in a positive way. Teens today have a hard time growing up. They struggle with boredom, depression, peer pressure, their parents, and themselves. They look for happiness in any outlet they can find and try too hard to fit in. We want to make it easier for them by giving them someone they can relate to and understand. Through our music, our advice, and our lives, we want to teach our fans to be happier and help them find more purpose in life. That’s Phone Calls From Home. That is what we are about. If you agree with what we are doing, support us: come to shows, and be a fan. If you don’t agree, be a fan of the music anyway. Either way, smile. It’s your life, be happy and be who you want to be.