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EE Estland
2007 - heute
Gegründet: DEFRAGE
Gegründet: 2007 in Pärnu Pärnumaa
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeGrungeMelodicMetalcoreRock
Label: 2007 - Jetzt
Myspace Seite: defragemusic
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Defrage started to have their first band rehearsals in early 2007 when Kari (rhythm guitarist) got a response from Mikk (solo guitarist) to his advertisement on the website metal.ee "looking for a band members for an american style rock band". Soon after that Daniel (in early years bass guitar) and Sten (drums) joined for rehearsals which mainly took place in an old garage that belonged to Mikk's father. In the beginning the band just played and practiced together without any singer whom Kari looked for at the same time.[citation needed] The band filmed a video for "Hotel Breakers" and released their album Jackal in January 2012. After one year of touring in Europe, Defrage released their second album "The Sick Letter" in May 2013. Defrage performed on one of Europe's biggest rock festivals called Nova Rock, which takes place every June in Austria