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Silent Rage

US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Gegründet: 1986 in West Hollywood, CA
Bandstatus: Inaktiv
Genre: GlamHardrock
Myspace Seite: https://myspace.com/silentrageonline
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This Californian hard rock quartet was formed in 1986 by Mark Hawkins (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Timmy James Reilly (vocals, guitar), E.L. Curcio (bass) and Jerry Grant (drums). They debuted with ‘Make it Or Break It’ on the Pure Metal compilation. This led to producer/guitarist Paul Sabu taking an interest in the band. He produced Shattered Hearts and co-wrote three numbers on the album. This collection followed a direction similar to Y&T, Kiss and Van Halen but featured extensive use of keyboards, which added a strong melodic undercurrent to the songs. Moving to Kiss bass player Gene Simmons’ self-titled label, a subsidiary of RCA Records, Don’t Touch Me There materialized in 1990. This built on the strong foundations of their debut and was immaculately produced, but blatantly geared for Stateside FM radio play lists.