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Econoline Crush

CA Kanada
Gegründet: in Vancouver
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeHardrockMelodicRock
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From Wikipedia/EN Econoline Crush is a rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada formed in 1992. They have released four studio albums as well as singles such as "Wicked", "Home", "Surefire", "All That You Are", "Sparkle & Shine", "You Don't Know What It's Like", "Make It Right" and "Dirty". After the release of their third album, Brand New History, the band was either on hiatus or disbanded, since vocalist Trevor Hurst started his own band, called Hurst. However, during 2007, the band reunited and started touring Canada with Alice Cooper. They released their latest album, Ignite, in 2008.