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IL Israel
Gegründet: 2001 in Tel Aviv
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Heavy MetalIndustrialFolk
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.gevolt.net/
Myspace Seite: gevolt
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Gevolt was formed in Israel in 2001 by Anatholy Bonder (vocals), Yevgeny Kushnir (guitars), Oleg Szhumsky (drums) and Max Mann (bass guitars). In 2004 for a short time Dina Shulman(opera singing) joined the band. In 2005 Marina Klionsky(violins) joined the band. In 2006 self-release of our debute full-length album Sidur. 2006 - Oleg had left the band and was replaced by Vadim Weinsein. 2007 - Dmitry Lifshitz(synths) joins the band. Gevolt started recording of their second album in 2005 and in 2007 released single Yiddish Metal, as promo package, that contained 2 tracks. 2008 - Sidur released in USA / Canada by Renaissance Records / Koch Entertainment Distribution. At the same time Marina left the band and Gevolt had been supplied by two violinists: Anna Agre and Eva Yefremov. After one year Gevolt had only one violinist left- Eva. 2009 - Yevgeny left the band and replaced by Michael Gimmervert. 2010 - Max left the band and replaced by Mark Lekhovitser. 2011 - second full-length album AlefBase is out