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FI Finnland
1999 - heute
Gegründet: 1999
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: BlackPaganFolk
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.draugnim.com/
Myspace Seite: draugnim
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-The Beginning- After composing music for some years, Morior was looking for a suitable singer for the band Draugnim. At this time the band was a one-man project. After Chimedra heard the music, he agreed to take over the vocal duties. The First demo, Paymin Crusade, was recorded in 1999. Some copies were handed out, but there was no real effort to distribute it. The same year Turms joined the band as a bass player and soon after him, Raakalainen as a drummer. Draugnim rehearsed and composed new material until they recorded their second demo, in 2001, Past Aesirs Grace. The outcome was a moderate one, due to various reasons, mainly the lack of studio-time and the inexperience of sound engineer to produce metal music, and therefore the distribution was not considered necessary. -The years of struggle- The band pushed forward with new material, and somewhere in 2002 Keyboardist Nanda joined the band. The creative streams kept flowing from the main composer and their fruits were gathered as the band entered the studio in 2003 to record their third demo “Earth gave us birth, our blood we give in return”. Once again the production did not give justice to the material even though it was the best effort so far. The band simply couldn’t capture the vision and feeling of the original songs with the current band. Some gigs were played in small places and after a while it was decided that Nanda should part ways with Draugnim. The band had another setback as the drummer Raakalainen chose to pursue other goals in life and moved away to focus on his studies. What crowned the fall of Draugnim was the sewer disaster that hit the training place drowning the equipment and dreams in filth. -The new beginning- What followed was years of silence as people got fed up with the frustration. This time of brooding and introspection brought fourth the true essence of Draugnim as the main composer Morior created his art free from restraints and expectations. After many years when the other last members Chimedra and Turms heard the material they were more than impressed. One final time they chose to gather the core forces and make a demo. It was decided that this would be the last demo ever, if not glory then death of the band known as Draugnim. After hearing of the band’s plans, Henri Sorvali offered to record the demo in his Unstable-studio. Repe Misanthrope from Impaled Nazarene agreed to play the drums and the recording took place in june 2007. Finally after two days of recording and one day of mixing, the band had a demo on their hands that was of satisfactory quality. Thus some 20 demos were sent to record labels and magazines. The response came instantly as several labels showed real interest on signing Draugnim. Finally after some negotiations the band decided to sign the deal with Spikefarm. In February 2008 Draugnim enters the studio once again, but this time to record their first full-length album.