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Kaizers Orchestra

NO Norwegen
2000 - heute
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Alternative
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/kaizerso
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Kaizers Orchestra is a hard-hitting, alternative rockband, with heavy eastern European influences in their rock sound. The band was founded in 2000, right after the members had partied like it was 1999, at a time when people thought the world was going under and stacked canned food in their basement in fear of computerbreakdowns and killer bees from Australia. Kaizers Orchestra absorbed the anxiety and the populations massive fear of the breakdown of civilisations, blended it with the pounding of norwegian oilbarrels, and just came out from the cellar sounding like nothing else on the planet. Lyrics are in Norwegian, and that is because Mr. Kaizer demanded it, so don..t feel bad if you don..t understand a thing, just know that they treat un-Norwegian themes like war, mafia and religion, mixed with half joyous - half bitter love/drinking songs in addition to some uncomprehendible stuff. The three studioalbums the band has produced presents a huge variety of songs, ever changing moods, smooth grooves, disharmonic noises and just plain beautiful tunes. It..s all in there man. A little Kaizer history lesson for you researchers out there: KO were signed to the microscopic label Broilerfarm in 2001, through the energetic and intense live shows and the strong songwriting of the album, Ompa Til Du Dør, the band became a phenomenon both on the live circuit and in the record charts. "Ompa Til Du Dør" sold the incredible amount of 100 000 copies in Norway, and was awarded both the Norwegian Grammy and the Alarm award. The second album "Evig Pint" came out in 2003, and sold 50 000 copies in Norway, and 20 000 outside of Norway. A very succesful show at the Danish Roskilde festival in 2002, started KO's international career. In the fall of 2003 they did a six week European tour. It became a huge success, silencing all the voices that had told them that a rockband singing in Norwegian would stand no chance outside their native country. screw that, norwegian is the new swedish, and everybody who have seen the chef on the Muppet Show know how catchy that language is! In 2004, KO, as the first band singing in Norwegian, signed a record deal with Universal Music Germany. Their third album "Maestro" was released in nine countries August 2005. "Maestro" got rave reviews, and was backed by a new European tour. 32 shows in 38 days, through ten countries. The DVD Viva La Vega captures gig no. 30 at Vega on the Maestro tour. We recommend you check it out! The fourth Kaizer album, "Maskineri", came out in february 2008. Like the other three studio albums it got great reviews and reached number on the norwegian sales charts. Like on "Maestro" the band is touring extensively, maintaining their reputation as one of the best live bands on the planet. Look out for them this summer!!