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SE Schweden
Gegründet: 1999 in Malmö
Bandstatus: Unbekannt
Genre: MelodicPower
Label: 1999 - 2002 Regain Records
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Reptilian is the name of a heavy metal band hailing from the south of Sweden. The band started their musical career in 1999 and consists of Joel Linder (drums, ex Majestic), Jonas Blum (vocals, ex-Majestic), Jonas Reingold (bass, also Flowerkings and Midnight Sun), Thomas Blum (keyboards) and Peter Espinoza (guitar, ex- Nasty Idols) and Lasse Boquist (guitars). After Joel and Jonas Blum quit in Majestic they immediatelly decided to continue their careers under the banner of Reptilian. It didn´t take long until they had a complete line up and a record deal with Regain, and in March 2000 they went into Berno studio to record their debut. Five weeks later they had recorded a fine piece of Swedish metal "Castle of yesterday", an album which received great reviews in metal press worldwide. Their latest effort, "Thunderblaze", was recorded in early 2002, and shows once again what metal should be about : straight forward, hardhitting songs with great, melodic choruses.