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The Tritones

BE Belgien
2004 - 2010
Gegründet: Tritones
Gegründet: 2004
Bandstatus: Aufgelöst
Genre: EmoRock
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.thetritones.be
Myspace Seite: thefisharenotwhattheyseem
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12/04: Birth of The Tritones 5/05: First demo “The Tritones” 7/05: First show 12/05: “Chagrin de la mer” in StuBru Demopoll 5/06: Second demo “Requiem For a Mermaid” 9-12/06: Reviews in Poppunt Magazine, RifRaf and Musiczine.net 1/07: “Vicky’s Butterfly” in StuBru Demopoll 1/07: “Chagrin de la mer” on “Ex-Drummer”-soundtrack 1/07: theWAB signs The Tritones and releases “Requiem for a Mermaid” on iTunes 2/07: Reviews in RifRaf, digg.be and cuttingedge.be 4/07: Première of The Tritones 1 hour visual show: projection of images, tailor-made for every song by VJ Rewind 12/07: Third demo “Requiem For a Mermaid – Special Edition”: the existing songs plus two new home recorded covers and the videoclip for “The Man Upstairs”, made by Ra Julez 8/09: Last demo "Greetings from the Abyss" Weitere Infos: http://www.myspace.com/thefisharenotwhattheyseem#ixzz0u3ziTLEF