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Alter 34
Sternzeichen Wassermann
Größe 183 cm
Gewicht 85 kg
Haarfarbe Blond
Haarlänge < 30 cm (Schulterlang)
Augenfarbe Blau
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Über mich...
I am

/abnormal /lifted /abominable /off-putting /aggressive /anarchistic /boastful /infectious /offensive /arrogant /antisocial
/obtrusively /bankrupt /barbaric /inept /corruptible /bizarre /embarrassing /blase /malignant /brachial /brutally /apoplectic
/debil /stupid /out of control /honest /unadventurous /simple-minded /conceited /unilaterally ,unfeeling /inexorably /wrong
/unimaginative /lazy /nasty /callous /mentally ill /witless /stingy /common /tasteless /unscrupulously /mercilessly /ghastly
/grotesque /creepy /greedy /unsightly /insidious /unrestrained /down /hypocritical /helpless /humorless /scheming /mistaken
/irascible /cold /for sale /confused /contactless /ridiculously /empty /loveless /masochistic /annoying /obscene /paranoid
/painful /perfidious /profileless /reckless /ruinous /sadistic /sarcastic /hypocritical /poorly /greasy /guilty /slightly /selfish
/unscrupulous /devilishly /foolish /slow /tumb /arrogant /insincere /ruthless /insignificant /unrestrained /unpopular /inflexible
/anxiously /uncouth /wrong /naughty /uncreative /inhuman /impartially /not on time /unshaven /immoral /unsportsmanlike
/underexposed /untrained /unimportant /lewd /unreliable /spoiled /forgetful /degenerate /dishonest /ratty /treacherous /neglected
/confused /vulgar /incredibly /offensive

I like

/metalheads /introverts /redheads /abnormality /curiosity /motorcycles /bass guitars /video gaming /open minded /vikings /rain
/forests /mountains /lakes /steaks /whisky /respect /sarcasm /solitude /nights /pre-millennial movies /humour /erotic > porn
/honesty & straightforwardness /misanthropy /music in any form

I like not

/team sports /orneriness /smoking /lack of education /popular -isms /cosmetic /plastic surgery /compliments & gifts
/smalltalk /religion /television /superficiality /cities /crowded places /latest movies /coffee /the current gaming & movie
& music industry /our society these days...
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