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Figur Sportlich
Raucher Nein
Beruf Alltagsheld
Alter 30
Geburtstag 05.09.1987
Sternzeichen Jungfrau
Größe 185 cm
Gewicht 75 kg
Haarfarbe Braun
Haarlänge < 60 cm (Sehr Lang)
Augenfarbe Braun
Partnerstatus glücklich
Über mich...
Veto! I vomited forth
From a throat choked by rope
As lunatic mob
Shackled maimed feet
Tore asunder both wings

Pluck my eyes out
Rip my tongue
Make me slave to gravity

Bleed dry ov tears
Weep with blood
Leave to atrophy

I sought reprisal high and low
I spew forth plagues to taint their soil
I crept under the shadow ov purity
In my hour ov pious wane
I turned to boundless catechism
Behold the anathema ov benediction
Sacrilege in Gethsemane manifest
Furor Divinus
Anointed sin became flesh

Emerge The accuser ov all
Hark the universe cries forlorn
Bleeds from black lungs ov hell
Deflowered by the horns

And so I reversed the wheel ov my fortune
Strike blind the eye ov the lion
With every breath stolen from their lips
I raped and raped and raped the daughters ov Zion

Raise the dagger Abraham
And slit the throat ov thy only son
Reverse the history ov man
Fuck and reset the world

Pluck my eyes out
Rip my tongue
Make me slave to gravity

Bleed dry ov tears
weep with blood
Leave my cross to atrophy
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