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Welcome to my profile. Here you get an idea of what I'm doing with my life:

Playing music. Lots of music. I play drums and guitar and have several bands going. It keeps me alive. It can be edgy, technical
or catchy, just please no sterile fastfood music. When I'm not playing music I like to meet up with friends, go to concerts,
cook / grill and have some beers. I also like trash. Not thrash (I rarely like that) but trash, like in Sharknado or Scooter. I
also recently finished university with a bachelor degree in Geography, in addition I studied Scandinavian Studies where I learnt
Norwegian and some Swedish. Atm I'm looking for a fitting job with my recently achieved degree, in the meantime I continue my
old part-time job as a private teacher. As my social-, artistic- and carreer-life is going quite well, I would like to curtail the
loneliness that goes with being single and thus am hoping to find someone interesting to share some time with. Feel free to text
and ask me anything that seems fitting :-)

Instagram: Trollrage91

I value intelligence and character. Be yourself. Even if that means being an asshole sometimes. Unauthentic, narrow-minded,
"I-don't-want-to-offend-anyone people" are nothing I appreciate or need in my life (nor does anyone else).

ach ja und natürlich noch ein obligatorisches "was ich weniger cool finde":
Mittelalter/Pagan, "Gaudimukke" à la Sabaton und alles was der Dreche sonst auch hört geht gar nicht. BPS.
Etepetete. Übermäßige Moralaposteln, gleichzeitig aber auch Ignoranten und Nihilisten. Zeig dass du Wert auf
gewisse Sachen legst. Schön oldschool mit Werten und so. Dass dir etwas bedeutet.
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Keine ONS, funktioniert bei mir nicht. Ansonsten bin ich für alles offen.