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Labelinfos Darkest Path Productions
Darkest Path Productions

Welcome to Darkest Path Production's Website!

Traditional heavy metal has lived on in all its forms over decades in the hearts of young and old fans and yes, we count us into that lines of passionated fans.

Small indie labels to big companies keep publishing metal records and the ammount of bands doing self distribution has even increased since the 80ies with the availability of low CD prices at pressing plants.

Since it is not easy to have an overview about everything that is beeing released all around the world, our special goal is to collect the finest selecion of metal releases and offer it to customers and resellers along with an increasing catalogue of merchandise.

Next to beeing a distributor Darkest Path Production is also a label for heavy, doom, speed, thrash, death and black metal supporting especially young or obscure bands of the genres.

Darkest Path Productions

Labelgründung 2008
Homepage http://www.darkest-path.de/
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