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Labelinfos Killzone Records
About KillZone Records

KillZone Records is in business as a label which is dedicated in seeking to find the right hard rock, heavy metal, extreme metal and extreme music with extraordinary releases to compliment any collection.

Whether by signing bands or music projects the world over or releasing splits and compilations that seek to be singularly unique, KillZone Records will be taking an aggressive approach to provide superior music, The aim is a hope to bring many acts from many genres as much exposure to bigger markets and opportunities while seeking to allow artists to achieve creative growth at the same time.

Welcome and thank you for your interest and submissions and your time and effort in contacting KillZone Records. If we are interested in working with you in any way we will contact you as soon as is possible after receiving your material.


black, death, avant garde, progressive, thrash, doom, cyber,
Industrial, grindcore, gothic, traditional,metalcore and all related crossovers.


noise, darknoise, experimental, minimalist, trance, distortion, drones.

Killzone Records

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