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Labelinfos Full Effect Records
When Anthony Srock (aka DJ Asrock) first envisioned his label Full Effect Records, it was 1988. Srock was a club and radio DJ who felt a connection to music by artists like Parliament, Run DMC and a good part of the Wax Trax catalog. In 1987, he formed his own act Final Cut. The International club smash “Take Me Away” would soon follow. During stints in Detroit, Chicago and L.A. Srock played and created music with a long roster of innovative artists that included Chris Connelly, Jeff Mills, Taime Downe and Warzone Studio’s. Final Cut put out its 1992 full-length debut Consumed on Nettwerk. Changing times and shifting label priorities put a halt to the relationship between Final Cut and Nettwerk. But it was all those years of creative magic clanging against the hard realities of music's perilous and unpredictable business side that kept Srock's dream of "a label for artists" alive. Now fast forward to 2006. Srock returned to his hometown in Michigan and managed to pull himself up from the personal turmoil of losing both of his parents. And he finally made Full Effect Records a reality. That year his label pumped out two full-length CDs: Faster Pussycat's The Power & The Glory Hole and The Newlydeads' Dreams From A Dirt Nap, which was snatched up by the CBS TV series "NCIS." Full Effect also released a much anticipated vinyl 12" remix and an extended CD version of the international club hit "Take Me Away," which Srock originally recorded with Jeff Mills in the early 1990s. Looking to the future, Full Effect Records signed Seattle-based super-charged punk electronic outfit Rabbit Junk (fronted by mastermind JP Anderson, formerly of The Shizit) who remain today to be the most downloaded artist on the Fulleffect Records roster to date. They also signed shoegazing heroes Majesty Crush and the ever-changing and revolutionary Pigface, fronted by Martin Atkins. “We happened to start our label by signing several visionary artists, people who have had serious musical careers,” Srock says. “They are making the music they want to make here and now with an extraordinary amount of experience and talent. In a way, they are reinventing themselves. And we have created a label that is going to allow them to take it as far as they want to go.” (Norene Cashen, 2010)

Full Effect Records

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