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Labelinfos Zurvan production
we support: (Anti-quality & Anti-humanity & Anti_Society & Anti-religion themes) like
-Low quality
-Anti Islamic black metal
-Raw black metal
-Anti Jewish black metal
-Nihilistic black metal
-Anti christian black metal
-Anti Hindu black metal
-Satanic black metal
-Anti society black metal
-Anti humanity black metal
-Atmospheric black metal
-Ritualistic black metal
-Occult black metal
-Thelemic black metal
-Live recorded and fucking real recorded songs

we don't support:
-High quality
-Recorded studio version songs (no fucking programming )
also we make documentaries & video clips for the bands & artists.


Zurvan Definition of audiovisual is based on essence of life.(No light No shadows Absolute darkness)
The HD sound or image that is the production of modern (falling era) taste, rupture the paradigms of reality, and represent an outcome in a new different independent identity which is fake,
So we support the integration of the indivisible 11 dimensions of the nihilistic life, with the noisy, raw & chaotic productions, called life (live)
And its far beyond your soulless deceptive delusion called HD products.
Pro-printed booklet with label on tape & cd & dvd for extreme occult black metal
unlimited copies , Send your demos to our address below and we'll review them. we like what you sent us and we will contact you .we are an abnormal underground record label
zurvan production was created in 2006 with exclusive aim of support and
promotion of the pure ideas of underground Black metal art based on Deutschland

Zurvan production

Labelgründung 2006
Homepage https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zurvan-production/334470349989430?sk=info
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