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Uneven Structure

FR Frankreich
2011 - heute
2008 - 2011
Gegründet: 2008 in Metz, Frankreich
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: ProgressiveAtmospheric
Label: 2008 - Jetzt
Offizielle Homepage: http://unevenstructure.net/
Myspace Seite: unevenstructure
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Uneven Structure is a band from Metz, France playing a nuanced blend of post-metal and ambient music formed in 2008. Their style is rhythmically inspired by Meshuggah with much more progressive structures. On a concrete way, they are the blend of worC (]Aurélien Perreira) and Eggeh (Igor Omodei) projects. They are often categorized in the “djent” genre due to the guitar tone employed. The band has been created after the split of Longchat with Igor Omodei and Benoit Friedrich. They have now the current lineup: Matthieu Romarin on vocals Christian Schreil on drums Benoit Friedrich on bass Jérôme COLOMBELLI on guitars Aurélien Perreira on guitars and ambiences Igor Omodei on guitars and production The band is actually finalizing their first album, February, due on fourth quarter, 2009.