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Mass Undergoe

CA Kanada
Gegründet: 2005 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanada
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeMetalcorePunkProgressiveRock
Myspace Seite: www.massundergoe.ca
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Mass Undergoe is better than Insane Clown Posse, Milli Vanilli, and nearly as good as Take That, thus making them arguably one of the greatest bands of all time. Mass Undergoe is like if you took everything ever written that was beautiful and aggressive, and made a delicious extract that can erase signs of aging and make angels cry pearlescent tears. Some restrictions apply. Do not attempt. Mass Undergoe IS a syrupy concentrate derived of many juicy influences - and is NEVER watered down (*cue tumbleweed*). Maybe just the jokes? They have many bands, artists, friends, and family that have inspired them (a list that is forever growing, really) - and to each one of them personally-they are trying to make their heroes proud. They have been called Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Metal, Modern Rock, Indie and a score of others, but Mass undergoe aims to be diverse and unapologetic for loving all types of music. Mass Undergoe kicks the notion of GENRES and SCENES in their smarmy faces down a stairwell and instead attempts to unite all lovers of MUSIC to join us in a FRENZY of ROCKING. Seriously, they want to all get in one room and dance, scream, jump and sing