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Rise To Remain

GB Großbritannien
2008 - heute
2007 - heute
Gegründet: in London, Ontario, Kanada
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: HardcoreMetalcore
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.risetoremain.com
Myspace Seite: http://www.myspace.com/risetoremain
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From its humble beginnings amid the industrial sprawl of Birmingham in the late ‘60s through to its digital age renaissance, British heavy metal has always thrived on regular doses of fresh blood and youthful rejuvenation. Each year new acts emerge screaming to be heard but now, spawned by the ever-vibrant London music scene, Rise To Remain have raised their voices to the sky and have become the latest and arguably greatest young metal band of recent times. Brought together by a mutual desire to create exciting, state-of-the-art heavy music worthy of their passion, these fiery-eyed contenders have outgrown their humble origins as bright-eyed teenagers with dreams of fame and fortune and evolved into one of the most formidable new bands to explode out of the UK in many years. “For me, the moment when I decided that I wanted to do it was when I walked out of an exam, my last A-level,” laughs frontman Austin Dickinson. “I walked out halfway through and went and did a show that night. It’s become clear over the last few months that we can take this band to the next level, so it was obviously the right decision.” A year has passed since Rise To Remain unleashed their first significant release, the ‘Bridges Will Burn EP’, which was initially given away free with hallowed UK metal magazine Metal Hammer. That welcome exposure, combined with a rigorous gig schedule, enabled the quintet to gain momentum and add substantially to their rapidly-expanding following. The support of the fans led to Rise To Remain waltzing off with both Metal Hammer’s Best New Band award at the mag’s annual Golden Gods ceremony and the Best British Newcomer award at rock bible Kerrang!’s high profile awards bash. With expectations high and their reputation soaring, the rest of 2010 passed by in a whirlwind of live performances and feverish songwriting behind the scenes as plans for a full debut album began to fall into place. Sharing stages with everyone from fellow Brit metal crews Bring Me The Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine through to the legendary Iron Maiden, the band have dedicated themselves to paying their dues, learning their trade and grabbing every opportunity with both hands. The end result of all their hard work and devotion to the cause is that Rise To Remain have now produced a debut album that brims with confidence and intensity, and which deserves to propel the band into the upper echelons of the UK metal scene and beyond. Created with renowned metal producer Colin Richardson manning the controls, ‘City Of Vultures’ is an explosive, assured and extraordinarily diverse first offering that marks Dickinson and his band mates out as extremely talented standard bearers for a new generation of metal bands.