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FR Frankreich
2006 - heute
Gegründet: in Paris, Frankreich
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Folk
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Three years after the shipwreck of their first line-up, captain Vincent "Haarath" Moretto & warlord Tonni "Amdrid" Humbert planned to build another crew. Sails up ! We're leaving now ! The heritage of the former guild will take us to fareway places... The adventure began in the early year of 2006 with a will to conquer and explore. We soon found a drummer, Nerimah and a second guitarist, Karne that would help us in our quest of music. Within about ten months of reheasals, we were able to do somethin' and our first stage occured in 2007 with a crew composed of four land-surveyors. The two guys held on, until the tide change the destiny of the band... In fact, two liters of Grog led us to mister Cédric "Viken" Guillot, a young matey that was going to change e'erythin' in our league. The fog of war was thick and we were decided to go ahead with this new drummer. As for the guitarist, the so called Spineheart joined our cause and stayed with us for a couple of dates more. Late 2007 saw the release of our first EP entitled "Helgardh", composed of five folkloric songs and recorded at home by Haarath. 2008 began with a date in February, testing another guitarist, Marvin Moguerou, who first joined the band as a session member. However, various scenes and venues convinced us to integrate him as a real member of the crew, ahoy! In May, a second EP entilted "Towards Abyss" permitted us to draw a feature with the previous line up. Our material was becoming more and more structured and ideas were beginning to take a more precise shape. In June we also found a keyboardist, Raphaelle "Evoken" Monvoisin, that gave us the opportunity to reinforce the folkloric parts of our music and to compose new stuff. Then, late 2008 saw our participation to the Cernunnos Pagan Fest among great bands such as Black Messiah, Waylander, Melechesh...