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NL Niederlande
2003 - heute
Gegründet: 2003
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Thrash
Label: 2003 - Jetzt
Myspace Seite: xtinxion
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Fast drums, tight riffs, raw melody, a pumping bass and razor sharp solos. Grunts, screams and rough vocals. X-TinXion plays old-school thrash metal with a modern spicy sauce. Fast and catchy, and rocking hard. X-Tinxion's first steps originate somewhere in the year 2003, only to evolve into the smooth adult sounding thrash metal formation it is today. After the release of the demo "Twisting the Knife" X-Tinxion receives several promising reviews in magazines such as "Aardschok" and various E-zines, resulting in a variety of performances at many different venues, festivals such as Borstrock and Occult Fest and a place in some metal competitions like the Dutch "Metal Bash" and the international "Wacken Metal Battle". X-TinXion, continues to storm the Dutch Metal stages, alongside descriptive metal bands like: Repent, Stronghold, Kaamos, Storm Rider, Eminence (ex-Sepultura), Perzonal War, Thanatos, Cypher, Heathen and Nuclear Assault. On stage is where X-TinXion exceeds in tight play and exiting live shows