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Mandatory (Austria)

AT Österreich
Gegründet: 2003 in Linz, Österreich
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: DeathMelodicMetalcorePowerProgressiveSpeedThrashHeavy Metal
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/mandatorymetal
Myspace Seite: mandatoryaustria
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MANDATORY is a melodic death / thrash metal band from Linz in Austria. Between thrash influenced riff-machine Mike and progressive metal enthusiast Chris, the band creates a tight and technically proficient sound with an aggressive drive, while still leaving space for catchy guitar hooks and melodies. Delivering a professional and entertaining live performance has always been a top priority ...for Mandatory which was rewarded when they won the International Live Award in 2011 – a price that approximately 1.000 bands from 6 different countries battled for. “The technically skilled quintet combines up-to-date vocal-lines, heavy, göteborg-style riffs with a pinch of nordic darkness, creating their own individual sound, performed on a very high level” – that’s what Metal Hammer Magazine had to say about Mandatory’s first full length album “Carbon Black”. Their latest effort, the 4-track EP Cataclysm, sets the bar even higher: the riffs are heavier, the vocals are more intense, and the choruses are even cheesier!