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Make Them Suffer

AU Australien
2008 - heute
Gegründet: MTS
Gegründet: 2008 in Perth Westaustralien, Australien
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: BlackDeathDeathcore
Label: 2012 - Jetzt Roadracer Records
Myspace Seite: makethemsufferau
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Make Them Suffer are a five-piece metal band, emerging from Perth, Western Australia in October 2008. Since the band's inception, Make Them Suffer have been sweeping the nation by storm with a highly addictive blend of contemporary Death Metal, Black Metal and Deathcore. Fused smoothly together by symphonic texturizing and intricate piano to create a very dark and mature, emotionally driven onslaught of brutality. Having already made a name for themselves with the release of their self-titled four track demo in January 2009. Make Them Suffer arrive fresh out of the studio with Roland Lim (Birds Of Tokyo, Dyscord, Arturo Chaos) with an exciting, insightful and original twist on contemporary metal with the release of their 5 track EP "Lord Of Woe". Now with a readily available EP, a full length album on its way and a sea of shows under their belt including support slots for The Black Dahlia Murder, Unearth and Between The Buried And Me among others, Make Them Suffer are ready to tackle the national and international music scene. "An addictive mix of black and death metal, with variation between and guttural growls and higher screams, between lower triplet treated riffs and tremolo driven licks. There wasn’t too much tampering done to this refreshingly conventional mix, but it was tempered with moreish breakdowns which demanded attention, pulsing like a defibrillator, forcing life into the body." - fasterlouder.com.au "Make Them Suffer take all the charm of early symphonic black metal, give it a modern deathcore twist and pepper it with sack rumbling breakdowns. There’s a lot to like in their metal fusion and even more to like in the tidy way it’s served up." - fasterlouder.com.au