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US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
2003 - heute
Gegründet: supe
Gegründet: 2003 in Long Beach, Kalifornien, Vereinigte Staaten
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeHardrockMetalcoreNu-MetalPunkRock
Label: 2003 - Jetzt
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“..Supe Rocks!..”…that’s what you’ll hear from those who’ve seen or heard this LA-based aggressive rock band. But it doesn’t stop there. Supe (pronounced ‘shoop’) has a surprise. The band is Japanese. But there’s nothing foreign about their music. Cut from the same cloth as Breaking Benjamin and Hoobastank, Supe is nothing but all-American hard rock. .... In 2003, the guys relocated to Long Beach, California to perfect their international sound and expand the reach of their energetic live shows. With the 2006 self-release of their successful six-song EP ..Grow in the Cold.., produced by Sylvia Massy-Shivy (Tool, System of a Down), Supe launched their first US tour with 50+ dates from coast to coast. .... Then in 2007 the EP was picked by Buddy Records in their native Japan and a subsequent homecoming release tour followed to eager fans. This landed the band on the covers of various “in-country” rock magazines and a feature on MTV-Japan. .... Back in the US Supe launched a follow-up tour and released their single ..Shade to radio... The independent EP sold in impressive 10,000+ units prompting a full 11-song follow-up CD with the support of Buddy Records in Japan as well as the US partner Activate Ent. .... Once again producer Massy-Shivy went to work yielding the 2008 release ..2nd Place To None.., which took the band to new levels with the power-ballad Perfect Libra along with rock anthems, ..Do I Care and Crash... Supe then took to the road hitting over 65 cities in the U.S. and Japan for their ..Summer Rocks.. 2008 Tour including several stops on the ..VANS WARPED TOUR... .... In 2009 Supe toured Japan with ..(hed) p.e... and then quickly jetted to Taiwan and China to join mega-rock band ..Story of the Year.. for a series of dates before returning home to the US to record a follow up CD and launch the much anticipated ..Hed to Head Tour.. criss-crossing the US for the summer with ..(hed) p.e.. and ..Mushroomhead... .. .. .... .. .... .. .. .... ....Music Connections.... A true bundle of energy, Supe rises above the mass of hard-rock bands to create a higher level of play. Unafraid to tackle complex and controversial social issues, Supes music, combined with a visually stunning stage show, certainly leaves a lasting impression. This ensemble of skilled musicians know how to rock... ....ROCK CITY NEWS – LIVE REVIEW.... ..This 5-piece band explodes out of your speakers with heavy hooks, solid musicianship & memorable songs throughout this album. Packed with super tight playing, big production & over-the-top hooks, 2nd Place To None is one of those rare albums that you feel like listening all the way through, then hitting restart to feel the rush all over again! Nick Walters – Rock City News August 2008... .... MELODIC.NET – CD REVIEW .... ..The members of Supe really feel like stronger songwriters and the energy is still there so don’t expect a pop record. The band knows how to rock which you can hear in ‘Crash’ or ‘Do I Care’. The melodic ‘Lost in the Name’ should work on active rock radio but my favorite is ‘Spin’ that brings thoughts of Papa Roach and Disturbed. This is music that will make you sweat. How come, you say? Well I just cannot see how anyone can sit still during such power plant of a record! Kaj Roth