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Silence Betrayed

US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
2007 - heute
2006 - heute
Gegründet: SB
Gegründet: 2006 in San Diego, Kalifornien, Vereinigte Staaten
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeHardrockMetalcoreNu-MetalHardcoreRock
Label: 2006 - Jetzt
Myspace Seite: silencebetrayed
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For every up and coming band, the path to rock and roll stardom is one sure to be filled with obstructions and cliffs around every turn. Aware of the dangers that lie ahead, Silence Betrayed continues to drive their machine well over the speed limit on their way to the top. Ever since their realization in 2006, they've been touring relentlessly through the southwestern U.S. and dropping jaws with their infectious live show. They've shared the stage with bands like Nonpoint and 36 Crazyfists, yet they'll tell you that they've accomplished close to nothing. Lead singer and animated frontman Joe La once said in an interview "we want to be the next Guns 'N Roses". If you party with this band, you'll discover the weight in what he's saying. Here are four musicians, balancing their day jobs with the band's touring schedule, and they're the ones still in the club after last call. All rock bands need to have these qualities. That should go without saying. But it's the honest, unfiltered content written into every song that separates SB from the rest of the emerging metal scene. Their self-titled debut 'Silence Betrayed' has all the makings of a classic breakthrough record, boasting hook-heavy choruses and dense metal riffs throughout. Just last year, the Hollywood Music Media Awards recognized the track 'Articles of Clara' with a nomination in the best metal song category. 'My Lesson', the album's brooding second track, has been getting airplay on terrestrial radio and internet broadcasts in major cities across southern California. Their sound is especially noticeable if you're in your car and it lands on your FM tuner. It makes you think back to when Alice in Chains used to rule the airwaves, or when Linkin Park was still making metal records. It's the kind of exciting music you run and tell your friends about because YOU want to be the one who discovered them first. However, it may even be too late for that, as their new album is heading to iTunes with a massive promotional campaign soon to follow. This group is from San Diego, California, and will forever call it their home. They've played the desert states and have done surprisingly well as an independent rock act. Now, in an effort to secure professional management for their brand, Silence Betrayed has set their sights on Los Angeles ... West Hollywood to be exact. The guys plan on playing a mixture of hometown and L.A. shows throughout the concert season of 2011, jumping on national tours whenever they can. Their album can be purchased online via the band's website or iTunes, and is available for purchase in physical form at their shows and in local record stores across southern California. The mission seems clear for Silence Betrayed: get involved with every last one of their fans, dominate the scene with epic performances, and execute great songwriting that can't be ignored. All rock bands need to have these qualities. Thankfully, this one does … and then some.