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FR Frankreich
Gegründet: arcania155@hotmail.com
Gegründet: 1999 in Angers, Frankreich
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Thrash
Myspace Seite: http://www.myspace.com/arcaniamusic
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Created at the end of the year 99, ARCANIA was constituted by 3 13-year-old childhood friends sharing the same dream; a common future in music. Cyril, Gabriel and Guillaume recorded their first demos and played on their first stages, looking to spread their name for more than 4 years. But every dream has its end and Gabriel's tragic loss in 2003 sink the rest of the group brutally into adulthood. Gabriel was only 16 years old .The other members of ARCANIA will continue to pursue their dream nevertheless. Between 2004 and 2008, ARCANIA has respited to play and to compose with the aim of a first album which delays being recorded. Nevertheless, a maxi is born in 2004 and the underground criticism is unanimous about this first official effort, that's participates finally to make the band's name known to the public. " I assert loud and clear that this cd belongs to Arcania that Kill' em All belongs to Metallica, that Orchid belongs to Opeth, that Scream Bloody Gore belongs to Death, what Black Sabbath is to... Black Sabbath. (…) If every such young bands composed albums of this quality, the French Metal scene would be incredibly rich.). A real masterpiece. " Les éternels. " This mini album reminds me the famous " Masters of Puppets " what is not a slender compliment.... The pieces are also dark and built so to strike inevitably the unconscious of the listener " " Arcania practises a technical and amazing thrash metal as used to play the mythic Metallica or Testament " Obskure. " Riffs are creatives, at once epic and nostalgic, and the atmosphere is such desesparet , what would almost urge me to consider this band as " émo-thrash " Metalfly " Someblessed bread for thrashers! " Thrashocore Nevertheless, it is only at the end of 2008 that the band is all The recording of the first album Sweet Angel Dust begins then in February, 2009 ten years after the original formation... Recorded in the Dome studio by David Potvin (Lyzanxia, one way miror, Phaze 1) and masterisé in Sweden in the Tailor Maid studio by Peter in Betou (Opeth, Enslaved, Dimmu borgir, Meshuggah etc.) ARCANIA gives on this album the result of 10 years from work, from frustrations and from anger. The band is now fixed in the present, mixing old school Thrash and progressive influences, ARCANIA's music is modern, melodious and filled with aggressiveness ~ arcania155@hotmail.com