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Resolve To Burn

US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
2007 - heute
2006 - heute
2005 - heute
Gegründet: RTB
Gegründet: 2005 in Sacramento, Kalifornien, Vereinigte Staaten
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeHardrockProgressiveRock
Label: 2005 - Jetzt
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The world of rock is ever-changing with a new flavor every month. One person's definition of metal, emo, grunge, alternative, or punk is not another's. One thing remains the same however...ROCK is forever and is defined by bands that surpass the test of time; bands that believe in music as the definition of emotional creativity and a vehicle to harness something more powerful than a fad. Originality and pride in indifference, as opposed to setting out to be whatever the current flavor of the month is. This is the philosophy of Resolve to Burn. With influences like Papa Roach, 3 Days Grace, 30 Seconds to Mars, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Tool, STP, Good Charlotte, Green Day, etc. Resolve to Burn is no stranger to a radio friendly sound, and certainly has a diverse catalog of inspiration to pull from. One listen to their music imprints a very distinct image and melody on your mind that is not easy to forget and very easy to sing. Resolve to Burn was founded in 2005 by front man Aaron Smith after his departure from previous project, Downshift. With hooky vocal melodies, ripping guitars, relatable lyrics, and an exciting stage show, the band immediately caught the attention of local radio stations, venues, and music lovers. The band released their first full length album, Process of Elimination in 2007, which featured local hits like “Last Laugh,” and “Crutch,” and was dubbed “best listened to from beginning to end” by Mark Gilmore of 98 Rock. One listen to this album and you know the band intimately, as you can relate to the lyrical struggles and the way the music capitalizes on the emotional impact. Despite local success, Resolve to Burn struggled with the ongoing revolving door, as many bands do, yet continued to refine and press forward. By mid 2008, Smith was the only member left from the original line up, but with the pre-release of Beautiful Design and Last to Know, none of that seemed to matter. The sneak peek to their upcoming sophomore album was immediately embraced by Andy Hawk of KWOD 106.5, Sacramento’s Alternative Rock Station. The response was huge and catapulted the band forward to a new chapter of the R2B Saga. Add that to the list of previous accomplishments, such as playing Taste of Chaos at Arco Arena, being the artist of the month on 98 Rock’s Local Licks, and having a very successful release of their freshman album, Process of Elimination, the band presses forward wowing audience up and down the west coast. When asked what the meaning behind the band name was, the answer from Smith was simply, "we have so much resolve, that we could burn the excess and still have more than enough to spare. Failure is not an option.” Interpretation: This band has a never say die attitude in an impossible industry…or maybe it’s just about the love of music, and pouring everything you have into it.