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2006 - heute
2005 - heute
Gegründet: 2005 in Senta, Serbien
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeEmoHardrockNu-MetalPunkHardcoreRock
Label: 2005 - Jetzt
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.tiarah.com
Myspace Seite: tiarahonline
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The band was formed by Sebastian Sabo in the year 2005 in a small town called Senta after being tired of playing in one of the local upcoming hard-rock bands "High Voltage" made out of teenagers playing Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin covers. Being a kid it was fun to do gigs with friends and play old hard-rock masterpieces in front of grown-ups who liked the show, but inspiration made him want a band of his own. When he made friends with the vocalist Marjan (Fadelow, Draconic) in one of the smallest bars in town they used to go to, they both realized their musical tastes are similar and they've decided to jam. The first song titled "My Time" was born and recorded. A song titled "Sorry" followed up after a month or so and the idea of a band was born. The band was formed and Newman - bass, Marky - guitar and Nagy Horti Tamas - drums were recruited. After a few rehearsals more and more songs like "True Blue" and "Frozen" were written. The firs gig took place March 26th 2005 in the very same bar (Rin Tin Tin) Marjan and Sebastian met in their hometown and it brought a new thing into the lives of all band members. As the majority in the band wanted to grow, the first one to leave them was the drummer and was replaced by Orko (Nevergreen, ex-Green Division, Tequila Sunrise, Quant of E). Two years later Sebastian left the country and the band. He was temporarily replaced by Zoltan Basity (In Her Embrace) until Lenard Norbert teamed up with Tiarah to remain a full time member of the band. The first demo had 5 songs and later a few more were added. A video for the song titled "Silence" was recorded. From 2007 to 2009 the band wrote more than 20 songs they were performing in 2 hour shows everywhere. In 2010 the first album containing 12 new songs was recorded and a new album recording is scheduled for February 2011.