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Society Red

US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
2008 - heute
Gegründet: SR
Gegründet: 2008
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeGrungeHardrockNu-MetalRock
Label: 2008 - Jetzt
Myspace Seite: societyredjax
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The members of Society Red are taking no prisoners as they tear through the rubble that is left of the Music Industry. In just a few short months, they have received much media exposure and are already creating a buzz with many industry execs. The music has been described as straight forward commercial ready rock, as if Guns and Roses and Foo Fighters got together and had a bastard son. With a formula of Platinum proven songwriting, over all experience, and an explosive live show this band is surely going to the top. So look out for more songs and tours coming from Society Red as they take over the internet and develop into rocks next Super Group.