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US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
2013 - heute
Gegründet: PROGNOSIS
Gegründet: in Houston
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeElectro / EBMHardrockRock
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We have had the privilege of playing across this nation with Imperative Reaction, System Syn, Covenant, Melotron, Psyclon Nine, Das Ich, Skinny Puppy,Cyanotic, Mind Flux Funeral, Razed in Black, Chemlab, Angels On Acid, Assemblage 23, Bella Morte, Die Sektor, Vicious Alliance, Haujobb, Ikonoklast, Nuclear Fest 2007, Cobra Starship,The Last Dance, ManKind is Obsolete, Destroid, State of the Union, Virtual D3scent, Architect, Worms of the Earth, Defcon, Critical System Error, and Funker Vogt ,Gothtoberfest 2009, God Module The Ludovico Technique, 2010 Gothic Cruise, Panzer AG, Cruxshadows, Dupont, Twitch the Ripper, 16 Volt and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Gothsicles, I:Scintilla, Force Is Machine,Finite Automata, Roughausen, 2012 Southern Gothic Festival and most recently Team Cybergeist along with many Local and regional acts from within the US Canada and Mexico. We also have remixed C-Lekktor, Vicious Alliance, Cold Drive, Alter Der Ruine , Proyecto Crisis, 16Volt. We were also featured in the the Documentary SynthNation.