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GR Griechenland
2003 - heute
Gegründet: Just Another Reason
Gegründet: 2003 in Larissa
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Rock
Label: 2003 - Jetzt
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.spitbackband.com/
Myspace Seite: spitbackband
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SPITBACK is the result of finest collaboration of four determined metal musicians. Based upon an idea by George Vlahavas, lead guitarist and songwriter, Spitback have claimed and achieved a place among Greece’s biggest metal bands pantheon. So far, Spitback sold approximately 6.000 copies of their two mini albums, fact that drove the band to be well known in a nation wide level and further away to the USA and Europe. The band through its rising performed countless shows along Greece in clubs, venues, independent stages and DIY gigs, and supported many famous bands such as Stampin Ground, Pro Pain, Romeo Must Die, Rotting Christ and many more. Moreover, Spitback performed on a national TV show that proved to be a great success. In extend, the band through its shows has given a great inspiration to the press and media in order to be promoted through newspaper articles and music magazines. Spitback read countless reviews concerning their latest mini album “Power Grooves” (2009) and got to be a featured band of the month for MHR TV, California USA. The coolest tunes of “Power Grooves” still own air time on the web and radio stations along Europe and USA. This four member solid metal band, determined to play heavy music, have constructed its own unique manner of song writing upon the base New York Bay area thrashers and the 90’s Californian influences built. Spitback’s music evolves through personal experience and modern metal culture, thus leading them to a creative mixture of wide ranged music expressions, strangely always inside the mainstream variety of the average listener; their shows in Auto Moto Show 2009 and in the National Academic Soccer Cup Nomination for 2009 in Greece prove that. Since the beginning of Spitback, the band originally called “Just Another Reason’’ and after some months changed its name into the current one, which remains until today by common agreement. Spitback is already working on their first full length album which is expected to be completed early in 2012. Before this album, the band will release a promo cd single, containing 3 – 4 tracks, under the title «Get Away». The release is scheduled on April 2011. In parallel, they are in search of securing a record deal and finding the best management they can have in order to perform along the world.