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Signs Of Betrayal

US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
2005 - heute
Gegründet: SOB
Gegründet: 2005 in Phoenix Arizona
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeHardrockNu-MetalIndustrialRock
Label: 2005 - Jetzt
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.signsofbetrayal.com/
Myspace Seite: signsofbetrayal
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Signs of Betrayal is a metal band formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 2005. The current band features Dave Williams on vocals, Steve Schon and Scott Ables on guitar, Steve Blodgett on Bass, and Colby Cordova on drums. Press release from 2008: "For the last three years, Phoenix-based sextet Signs of Betrayal has been churning out bulldozer-heavy melodic rock and making a name for itself along the West Coast. With two records released and a gaggle of shows under their belts with the likes of Static X, Seether and Lacuna Coil, the guys are prepping to return to the studio this summer to put out what will be their heaviest and most realized offering yet. Capitalizing on the momentum of their last album 'Wide Eyed Coma', Signs Of Betrayal have pushed through the monotony of today's 'radio rock'. The assault on the standardization of today's music has never been more apparent than now with the release of 'Distortia'. An undeniable sound that again claims it's place among hard rock fans of chugging guitars and double bass while the entrancing keyboards and bass push the underbelly of the monster that is vocalist Dave Williams. Be sure to check out crushers 'Catatonic', 'Dark Wings' and 'Seasons Collide'.