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The Zero Sum

US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
2012 - heute
Gegründet: TZS
Gegründet: 2012 in Omaha Nebraska
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: AlternativeElectro / EBMIndustrialRock
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Industrial tracks with a hook. Intense crescendos with a drop. The Zero Sum is a masterful blend of automated electronic tracks and live instrumentation with breakneck energy. Formed between the spring of 2012 and the summer of 2013 when five aspiring local music standouts Wren Soryn, Tom Lynch, Ryan Murphy, Tony Hemann, and Lowell Owen coalesced around the collective credo of making music for the sake of making music. The Zero Sum has managed to cultivate a devoted fan base and their high energy and intense performances continue to keep this base growing. With recurring themes of individuality, anti-establishment and the questioning of authority, The Zero Sum taps into something larger and more poignant than the music itself would indicate. A pop culture vein at a tipping point? Or perhaps, a dogma for self-reliance? You be the judge. This is only the beginning. The future holds a great deal of promise for The Zero Sum. The only question is: Are you in?