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Name Taken

US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Gegründet: NT
Gegründet: 1999 in Orange California
Bandstatus: Aufgelöst
Genre: AlternativeEmoMetalcorePunkFolkHardcoreRock
Label: 1999 - Jetzt
Myspace Seite: nametaken
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Name Taken was a rock band from Orange, California. They were originally known as All That's Left in October 1999 until they discovered that the name was already taken; thus the name "Name Taken".The band started in the eighth grade where they would play shows in their amphitheatre at lunch. They later succeeded to record for such compilations as Atticus I and Warped Tour 2002. It has been noted by singer and songwriter Brendon Urie in several interviews that a lyric taken from the song "Panic" inspired Urie's band's name, Panic! at the Disco.