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CH Schweiz
Gegründet: 2010 in Luzern, Rothenburg
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Thrash
Offizielle Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/Axxelerator/
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In 2009 the band Axxelerator was founded in Rothenburg, Lucerne – back then still known as „Rust“. In summer 2010 a forth member became part of the group to complete the line-up: Jeremy on the bass, along with „Rust“-originals Dave (Drums), Mäthe (Guitar) and Vale (Guitar, Vocals). Initially inspired by Bay Area Thrash sound, the band soon developed an own style of music by enriching the basic Thrash-roots with many different kinds of Metal. The Axxelerator style is humorously described as „Bunker-Metal“ - refering to the location of their bandroom. Since 2012 the band can frequently been met at different gigs and concerts – if on stage or at the bar is depending on the occasion and the circumstances.