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Hell`s Kitchen

US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Gegründet: 1987 in Oakland
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: HardcoreRock
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Hell's Kitchen was a rock group formed in 1987 when Guitarist Luke Skeels decided to leave Boneless Ones due to conflict with the singer. When the other members heard the news, they too left en masse, and Hell's Kitchen was born. The band recruited members of Verbal Abuse and Fang, for the first lineup. The band was known for its expert musicianship and total irreverence for the music scene in general, and Heavy Metal in particular. Their attitude was "shows should be fun". After various line-up changes, the band's first release featured: Luke Skeels (guitar), Sean Condon (vocals), Troy Takaki (bass), Mike Branum (drums). Condon was later replaced by Jimi Hayes. Their songs, performed in a mock-speed-metal/punk style, include such topics as beer, satan, chicken and The Grateful Dead. Hell's Kitchen has released two full-length albums as well as appearing on an episode of HBO's Tales from the Crypt. The band toured Europe twice in 1990, covering most, if not all, of Western Europe as well as parts of Scandinavia, and a few Eastern Block countries as well. Shows were played with German punk bands such as Spermbirds and Militant Mothers. In 2012 Luke Skeels announced that Hell's Kitchen was re-forming and asked Oakland rapper Eastbay Slick to assume the role of vocalist for future performances.