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MT Malta
2003 - 2012
Gegründet: 1997 in St. Paul's Bay
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: DeathThrash
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.angelcrypt.com/
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Way back in 1997, Angelcrypt was born in a garage in St. Paul’s Bay, Malta (a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea). Founder Shawn Mizzi (Guitars), together with his former band mates at that time, had the intent of developing a new style of metal mixing power melodies together with the aggressiveness of thrash. Throughout the years, the musical style evolved in what you hear today, getting influenced by the new members joining Angelcrypt. A blend of old school thrash / death with groovy riffs and in your face crushing vocals. Throughout the years Angelcrypt have gained much respect from the local metal scene and was recognized in 2003 as a nominee for the best heavy rock band in the Malta Music Awards. Gaining a loyal fan base, Angelcrypt took part in some of the most important and biggest festivals held on the Island. Also self-released 6 records namely: Epileptic Lullaby (Single), From Abyss To Glory (Ep), Thou Shalt Die (Single), Echoes Of Death (Ep), Eagleution (Saxon tribute compilation), Depopulate (Single) & Eternal Conquest (Single). Angelcrypt had the opportunity to share the stage with popular and established international bands in Malta as well as abroad. The Angelcrypt style always evolves when recruiting new members but this time it was sent to a direction where all elements fit in together to form the perfect style. Power/Thrash/Death Riffs, super fast solos, & hellish vocals blended together to create the style of Angelcrypt today which is totally loved from it’s fans. Angelcrypt’s new upcoming full length album entitled “We are the dead” is due to be released this summer 2016 featuring tracks, artwork and photo shoots like never seen before from this band and that will surely guarantee to blow your mind. This is their most refined masterpiece yet.