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BR Brasilien
Gegründet: Svartalfheim
Gegründet: 2007 in Curitiba - PR, Brasilien
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: BlackPaganFolk
Offizielle Homepage: http://svartalfheim.cjb.net/
Myspace Seite: http://www.myspace.com/svartalfheimpr
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Svartalfheim has been idealized by hrothvitnir in 2005, when he wrote many songs related to this project. hrothvitnir wrote all the songs, all the instrumental parts, all the lyrics, recorded all vocals, but he asked dickbäuchig, wolf lutemkrat and krieger to join as session members for better recording results at the first svartalfheim demo, "for their memories...". with lyrics about paganism and medieval age, with concepts like honor, pride and glory, hrothvitnir spreads through his words his own philosophies, passing on to the listeners and readers the necessity to revive the ancient values uniting them with new goals.