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Slow Death Factory

DK Dänemark
Gegründet: SDF
Gegründet: 2005 in Århus, Dänemark
Bandstatus: Unbekannt
Genre: DeathHardcore
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.slowdeathfactory.dk
Myspace Seite: http://www.myspace.com/slowdeathfactory
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Slow Death Factory is a five-piece metal act with roots in the Danish metal scene. The basic trademark is a thick, aggressive, blitzkrieg-of-the-senses, riff-based sound, combined with gutter-rock-star attitude epitomized by the motto: "All Hail the Evil Riff" Background 1996-2005 Morten Gilsted leaves Illdisposed with a taste of bile in his mouth, as he is perceptive enough to see that Illdisposed is moving more and more towards the lighter end of the metal genre. Though drifting around in a drug induced haze he somehow gets his shit together in early 2005 and hits the studio with friends Martin Rosendahl, Roar Christoffersen (both in Corpus Mortale) and Per Mølller Jensen (The Haunted) to record the 3-track promo entitled “Music for Tough Guys”. The promo is well recieved, and stability is introduced to the band as Gilsted's former bandmates Rolf Hansen and Lasse Bak (both ex-Illdisposed) were recruited, reforming the legendary trio from the critically acclaimed metal album ”Submit”. 2006: Following a highly successful DK-tour and intensive song writing rehearsals, Slow Death Factory went to Borsing Recording in late 2006 with newly recruited singer, Søren Kirkegaard, to record their 10-track debut album ”From the Gutter to Your Ears”. Mr. Kirkegaard immediately scorched his primary act ”Barcode” as he was asked to join ”The Factory”. 2007: Legendary producer-wiz, Tue Madsen, initially only supposed to help the band out on a short notice, was so amazed by the material that he convinced ”The Factory” that he was the man to produce the album. During the mixing period, ”The Factory” often received word from Mr. Madsen, saying: “KICK LASSE'S ASS 'TILL HE UNDERSTANDS ”SMALL MEN” IS THE WILDEST SHIT EVER!” Tue's total commitment to the band’s music is easily heard in the production. Combined with an experienced and very hungry band, this bodes well for the imminent unleashing of the evil offspring. The mission of Slow Death Factory is to establish themselves as one of the most hard hitting metal acts ever! Slow Death Factory will prevail !!! Slow Death Factory is: Vocals: Søren Kirkegaard Drums: Rolf Hansen Guitar: Lasse Bak Guitar: Morten Gilsted Bass: Rasmus Henriksen