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Hangman's Chair

FR Frankreich
Gegründet: Hangmans Chair
Gegründet: 2005 in Paris, Frankreich
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: DoomPsychodelicStoner
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/hangmanschair
Myspace Seite: hangmanschair
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HANGMAN’S CHAIR was born out of Paris, France band, ES LA GUERILLA’S demise. Keeping the same themes, the five piece combo peeks through our vices and dark sides. The filthy moisture of the guitars, the unhealthy heaviness of the rhythm section, drug experiencing and depression are still dealt and dealt with throughout the music. But from now on it will be hand in hand with a more personal and melodic singing. - December 2005: while recording their next effort, ES LA GUERILLA becomes HANGMAN’S CHAIR - June 2006: Adrien replaces Sid on lead guitars and Bernard « Renard » replaces Keo on bass duties The band begins playing throughout the French capital's small venues, such as Le Klub, La Péniche Alternat and finally Le Nouveau Casino alongside L'ESPRIT DU CLAN - March 2007: split CD /w EIBON released by Bones Brigade - September 2007 : (A Lament For…) The Addicts release party @ Le Gibus supporting HIGH ON FIRE with labelmates EIBON - November 2007 : HANGMAN'S CHAIR played Luynes, Lyon and Paris supporting ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY & FIREBIRD - May 2008: Cédric « Cub »replaces Keo on vocals and Clément replaces Renard « Bernard » on bass The band resumes touring with a memorable sold-out show @ La Flèche D'Or sharing the stage with RISING DUST & LOADING DATA, following a mini-tour supporting legendary hardcore act ARKANGEL - May 2009: the band enters recording Studio Sainte-Marthe (KICKBACK, ES LA GUERILLA, DYSBY, HELLBATS, INHATRED, COMITY…) with Francis Caste to record the follow up to (A Lament For…) The Addicts Since its' creation Hangman's Chair has played over 50 shows in France, Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands alongside bands such as HIGH ON FIRE, ARKANGEL, L'ESPRIT DU CLAN, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, FIREBIRD, HEAVY LORD, JACK & THE BEARDED FISHERMEN, RISING DUST, EIBON...