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FO Färöer-Inseln
2002 - heute
Gegründet: 2002
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: MelodicThrashHardcoreDeathcore
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SIC was formed in 2002 by guitar player Eddie Jacobsen. In 2003 singer Mikkjal G. Hansen joined the band and things were on a role. In February 2005 Eddie and Mikkjal joined forces with Magnus, Frans and Gudmar and SIC really began to take shape.SIC ... Full Descriptionremained focused on what their music should sound like and were constantly writing and rearranging songs in anticipation for their debut album Pandemonium.SIC hooked up Producer Tommy Hansen from Jailhouse Studios, Denmark, and in September 2006 SIC began recording Pandemonium. It took 15 days.The album was released February 26th 2007 and was embraced by the people as well as the media. All over the world SIC received breathtaking reviews - the thrash band from tiny Faroe Islands had gained recognition throughout the world! Webzines from countries such as Peru, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Greece, UK, US etc were all giving Pandemonium top marks. Sic: Mikkjal Gaard Hansen (vocals); Frans Galan (guitars); Eddie Jacobsen (acoustic guitar); Gudmar Hansen (bass instrument); Magnus Hansen (drums).