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Nova Prospect

US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
2007 - heute
Gegründet: 2007 in Ohio, Vereinigte Staaten
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: DeathMelodicDeathcore
Myspace Seite: elnovaprospect
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Nova Prospect is a melodic death/thrash metal sextet from Ohio. Formed in early 2007, the band has come a long way in two short years. After going through several grueling member changes and a complete transformation of their sound they have finally started to make a name for themselves and are quickly becoming known for their crushingly entertaining live shows. The band is currently readying for their first tour in support of their debut full-length album "Usurper", which was self-released on April 20th, 2009. "Usurper" is a relentless death/thrash onslaught with everything from blisteringly fast blast beats and double bass to groovy breaks to ferocious riffing and extremely catchy, rememberable choruses. "Usurper" goes above in beyond achieving all that you'd want in a metal album. Overall, Nova Prospect is a band that cares about nothing more than writing the absolute best material they can performing it for everyone who wants to hear it. They are completely committed to do whatever it takes to eternally continue their testament to heavy metal.