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US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Gegründet: 2007 in Moorpark, CA, USA
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Hardcore
Myspace Seite: bearclawca
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In late 2007 a band was formed by the name of Bearclaw in Moorpark, California. In late April of 2007 the band recorded the EP "Don't Feed the Bears" with guitarist and drummer's cousin Jaime Lewis. Since then the band has claimed up to 8 members at a time with the editions of Corey Redding on sampler and Nathan Peacock on vocals. After a long dismantling and hiatus through 2008, the band is back together and stronger than ever. With new edition, Jesse Rutherford on the fish (bass!), and losing of Nathan as vocalist and Corey on sampler, the band is reaching back to its roots as a 6 member ensemble. After the release of "Don't Feed The Bears" in '07, and "Gangland" in '08, it is now time for the 3rd chapter into Bearclaw with the release of "Nightmares"!. Behind this new album is a slightly new line-up. The Leslie brothers, Chris & Brandon, are still the brains behind the music, but a lot of this new album is influenced by guitar player Cody McVey. Nick Serritella & Daniel Iglesias have written all the lyrics for the "Nightmares" EP using experiences in their own lives, and the corruption in today's world as seen through their eyes. Once again, a new addition, Jesse Rutherford has been added to play bass.