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Status: I can't understand any German o.O Oh well... xD So please speak English to me. :) (seit 10 Jahren)
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FI Finnland
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Über mich...
Alright everybody! :)

You can read more about me in my hobbies tbh. They tell quite the much what kind of a person I am (can't stop talking about
certain bands, music, languages and accents etc...)

Maybe I should put some poems here that I've written...


Her beauty camouflaged the agony inside
When the world glowed behind
Leaving the lines on her life,
Buried into the naked sigh

Maybe the obscurity in her mind
Made existence anonymous
And the cries she dried
Painted her curtain white

So she holds her heart tight
Covering concealed marks
Within a fist too small
To hide all the faults



You're a burning star that hit my heart
And now I writhe to be free
Cos I'm afraid that you'll burn too deep


I have a huge thing about tattooes. LOVE THEM. Guh, I so want a few (coughsixcough) and I already know what I am going to get as
soon as I turn 18.

I am a nerd... I guess. I spend most of my time on the computer but that is only because quite a few of my friends live
somewhere else than in Finland. That is why I am moving to England; too many friends live there.
But I have to note, I am not THAT good with computers... lol so I guess that doesn't make me a nerd.. uh.. right? Not that
being a nerd would be a bad thing! :)

Anyways, just ask if there's something you wanna know. I'm so bad at telling about myself... But all in all I am just
a girl who has done a lot of thinking and who has dreams which she wants to conquer. :)
Weitere Infos


Music is my life, literally. I live and breathe it.

My main instruments are saxophone and my voice, I love to sing. I can also play a bit of guitar, piano and ukulele. :)

I LOVE going to gigs and concerts... live music is the best. :)

I write a lot... poems, novels, lyrics... anything really. It's another way to express yourself... I also write music.

I am also interested in languages. I speak Finnish and English fluently (I'm Finnish) and I can also speak a bit of Swedish and French. (And maybe I will have to learn German cos I'm here now o.o)

I love going to the cinema and I love British films and series.

And, this summer I will be moving to England to study Creative Sound Engineering and Music Technology... :)
I wanna live in Scotland some day! Love the accents there. ♥

What else... Well, that's pretty much it... don't be afraid to ask if there's something you wanna know... :)

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Alter Zwischen 16 und 24 Jahren
Who knows what will happen... :) ...Always happy to make new friends!